Provider of text messaging solutions that enable businesses and individuals worldwide to communicate using SMS

About Upside Wireless

Upside Wireless Inc. specializes in providing global mobile messaging solutions for consumer, developer and enterprise markets. Founded 8 years ago, Upside Wireless identified a gap in the marketplace for solutions that facilitate the transfer of information between various business information systems and their employees, customers and partners using mobile phones.

Our services run on a proprietary messaging platform, SideWinderSMS which is continuously upgraded for new features, robustness and operating capacity. SideWinderSMS operates from a secure and redundant hosting facility with 24/7 monitoring, uptime of 99.95%, and complete, two-way coverage of all global networks with double or triple redundancy on most routes. Our operations team ensures that any issues in the network delivery are efficiently identified, communicated and immediately corrected. This platform represents a foundation for the the development of mobile business solutions for a variety of applications.

Today, Upside is the telecommunications provider with the widest network coverage and the ability to deliver text messages to and from almost any mobile phone on the Planet. Upside serves over 40,000 individual customers' messaging needs and also provides mobile messaging and integration services to organizations such as Microsoft, HP, Apple, New York Times, MessageLabs, Translink and Coca Cola.