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SMS Solutions

You recognize the power of SMS technology - Upside Wireless can provide solutions that address all your communication needs. Our solutions work in a variety of ways that bridge communication gaps and give you the competitive edge in your industry. Whatever communication enhancements you want to achieve, we have a solution for:


Industry specific solutions built with your needs in mind. Our SMS technology can enable efficiency in your organization both internally and externally. more »


Upside's flexible two-way SMS platform enables businesses to efficiently connect existing corporate applications to the global text messaging network. With a variety of connectivity options, and available sample codes, integrating communication systems can be easy. more »

Marketers or Advertising Agencies

If your goal is to capture attention in a timely and effective manner, our mobile marketing solutions ensure that your branding and promotion messages are presented accurately on mobile devices. more »


Our white label, customizable text messaging solution can be integrated into your business within 24 hours. This unique service can enhance your customer service and attract new customers. more »