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Reseller SMS

Reseller SMS solution helps you extend your service line by offering mobile messaging functions as a mean to increase profits, reduce churn and further differentiate. Your focus on your customers while we focus on the infrastructure

The world of wireless data communications is still dominated by revenues generated from text messaging. Picture messaging and all other data services still represent a fraction of the overall data traffic. With 3G networks being 2-3 year away from full implementation, slow adoption of 3G handsets and lack of compelling data applications carriers worldwide are increasingly looking at SMS Text Messaging to increase the revenues from data services.

All this is with good reason. While worldwide revenues from SMS reached US$ 50b in 2006 they are expected to grow another 20% annually for the next 3-4 years (according to a recent Gartner study). SMS volume is expected to more than double in the same period (to over 2.3 Trillion messages!!).

The problem is, however, that there is no true international interoperability and even the largest service providers cannot establish and maintain fully connected, redundant network connectivity. To maintain such a network is expensive and requires superior technology, constant network monitoring and continuous contract extensions and maintenance.

In addition, service providers can only offer person-to-person, handset-to-handset messaging. There are no alternative user interfaces available to extend the use of SMS to PC-to-Mobile. Also, there is also a void in available corporate applications, lack of defined API's and SMS plugins for popular enterprise applications such as IM and Microsoft Outlook.

Reseller SMS is a unique web based service implemented in the core of the SideWinderSMS platform. This service offers clients a fully customizable, fully functional, private label text messaging service hosted and managed by Upside. The benefits to our clients include speedy integration and configuration (as quick as one day) and low cost of entry into any local or global text messaging business. Our clients can immediately begin selling SMS services under their own brands to their established customers. Our service benefits several types of organizations:

Whatever your market Reseller SMS solution can help you generate profits from the local and international SMS traffic within days. Please click below for some of the frequently asked questions and in-depth answers.

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