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Mobile Messaging Concentrator (MMC)

Mobile Messaging Concentrator (MMC) is a proprietary telecommunication appliance developed by Upside that is used to create a network access point to any mobile network in the world through a Virtual number MSISDN.

Value Added Benefits

  • Extend the reach of messaging to any country in which an MMC can be deployed.
  • Route mobile messages between countries using local rates.
  • Receive incoming messages from your employees or customers by publishing a unique dedicated number in one or more countries. See how one of our customers uses a dedicated SMS number / MSISDN.

Key features:

  • Use of any type of Internet connection to connect to the main processing facility (WIS) which is hosted in a secure data center anywhere in the world.
  • Uses up to 255 GPRS/GSM channels (numbers) to establish connections with local wireless networks (in the country where it is located).
  • Ability to extend the capability of SideWinderSMS to collect and terminate messages in this country or geographic region.
  • A low overhead Internet appliance which requires electricity and Internet connection as well as one or more SIM cards (available in any country).
  • Equipped with internal battery backup which enables operation in unstable electrical grids.
  • Ability to connect to the Internet through a variety of methods (modem, direct Internet connection or GPRS).
  • Portable (external dimensions are those of a standard 1U telecom machine).


MMC can be used as a Call Back gateway to enable low cost voice calls between different countries. For example, an originator of a call sends a text message to one of the MMC numbers (a regular, local telephone number) with the telephone number of another party typed in the body of the message. Once this message is received, the MMC delivers it via the Internet to the telephone gateway which then calls both parties and establishes a voice connection.

Other Example: A mobile user, using the Sprint network in the US can send a text message to his brother in the Philippines (assuming that Sprint offers text message termination in the Philippines). When the recipient gets the message, he can reply by sending a reply directly to his brother's phone number (in US). A problem that incurs is that the person in the Philippines will be charged an international rate for this reply by his local telecom carrier.

MMC Resolution

If the original message is terminated using an MMC enabled service, the original message would carry a local number originator. This means that the reply would be routed first to a local number and then the message would be sent back to the US via the Internet. In many countries, this cost difference can be as much as 10 to 20 times (1000-2000%)


If you would like to establish your own private text messaging network, MMC is your solution! MMC can be fully licensed. If you would like more information on this, please Contact Us.